US tax reform: the impact on UK technology firms

Changes to US tax legislation brought in by the Trump administration will have an impact on all UK businesses with current operations in, or plans to set up in the US.

Whilst it’s true that US tax reform has been a long time in the making – aimed at bringing US federal tax rates in line with corporation tax rates across the globe – there are risks and opportunities that businesses should be aware of, and steps that can be taken to plan ahead.

Watch our video series below for a summary of the changes, who they will impact and the risks and opportunities that your business may face.

US tax reform: the headline changes and who they will impact

What impact will US tax reform have on UK tech businesses looking to, or currently trading in the US?

Are UK firms at risk of double taxation? Using a strategic transfer pricing review to address the risks

US tax reform: the detail behind the changes and what it means

If you are currently trading in, or have plans to expand into the US, we would be happy to discuss your circumstances and present you with the options at your disposal.

To discuss any of the points discussed in our video series, please contact Ken Almand or Kevin Phillips

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