The 2017 Finance Bill

The Government has published the 2017 Finance Bill, together with explanatory notes. The Bill is 762 pages long, and the explanatory notes 447 pages.

The Bill includes:
  • measures announced in principle in the March 2016 Budget or in the Autumn Statement on 23 November 2016 (and reflecting in many cases the results of consultation exercises);
  • a small number of new measures announced earlier this month in the 2017 Spring Budget.
It may be helpful to note that the Bill is called the Finance (No 2) Bill, because it is the second Finance Bill of the current parliamentary session, but it will become the Finance Act 2017 (not the Finance (No 2) Act), because it will be the first Finance Act of the calendar year.

The legislation will take effect from a variety of dates and deals with some 70 separate areas, as listed on the right.

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