Life at Moore Stephens - Helping your career to thrive, an interview with Kami Nuttall

How has your career progressed since joining Moore Stephens?

Really well; I originally joined as a Supervisor and have progressed to Associate Director.

My client base is wide and varied, as are the services I provide. It helps to have an inquisitive mind; I am always looking at ways that we can add further value to our clients, which helps with developing trust with clients. This is what my career is about.

What is Moore Stephens like as place to work?

Moore Stephens gives GRA the space and support to evolve. As a firm, we’ve become more forward looking. Our priority is to deliver quality, not to grow just for the sake of growth. We try to understand what our clients need, but also support and value our people at the same time.

What do you enjoy about your work?

I enjoy the variety and the relative autonomy that comes with my work. I have the trust of my line managers, Sarah and Robert, who let me get on with it – and that really motivates me.

In addition to managing client internal audit plans, I’m involved in business development activities and developing new service lines, I speak at international conferences, and as an accredited trainer, I facilitate workshops. I am working on culture, and values and behaviour led change and transformation.

There is always something new to learn and to offer clients. Quality service isn’t just about delivering what we say we will deliver, but about going the extra mile – keeping your clients in mind when something new develops. It’s about continually developing your relationship with your clients so you are their trusted adviser. Clients take a risk with you when they take your advice, so you have to take your responsibilities seriously.  You have to demonstrate your competency – that’s why it’s imperative to continually learn.

What strengths does GRA have?

We are forward looking. We encourage horizon scanning and innovation – looking to see what’s coming next around the corner so we can address it as a team. We are always trying to think about how we can innovate. We have introduced the ‘innovation hour’ – a locked-room style discussion where people leave laptops and phones to one side, and where we debate questions that face our professions or business.

What does the future hold for GRA?

I can only see growth and expansion. I see GRA as one of the pivotal teams supporting Moore Stephens’ growth. There will always be a need for GRA’s services because the business environment is constantly changing and there are always new risks on the horizon that affect organisation’s strategies, their supply chains, how they expand. There are regulatory changes, e.g. privacy, and increasing risks in the cyber space.

It’s our job to help our clients grow in the best possible way: we help them achieve their mission and objectives. We can help with a company’s strategy and growth. We can help them understand the risks they face and how they should respond.

Our people really understand the sectors they work across and the issues that concern our clients. We deliver quality because of our knowledge, experience and connections. It always comes back to the people.

What does culture mean to you?

One of our service offerings is around culture. Culture is about how organisations work and behave and and interact with customers. It’s the things we don’t see, but it affects how organisations make decisions and treat their people and customers. So we reflect on values and whether they are lived.  It’s about encouraging responsible behaviour and it’s a growth area for GRA. It links to other developments in corporate governance, including greater transparency over executive pay and hearing the voices of wider stakeholders, such as customers, in the boardroom; and risk appetite and risk culture. 

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