Profit improvement

Exploring and finding fresh profit opportunities 

Profit is the oxygen without which a business cannot survive for long. 

Our profit improvement programme is ideal for business owners and managers who are looking for new approaches to improve their profitability.

The programme enables owners and managers  to understand the barriers to success and to develop realistic and achievable profit improvement plans to maximise growth and deliver greater shareholder value.

Explore ways to keep costs down and to increase profits 

How it works

The programme is delivered via interactive sessions led by an independent facilitator and coach. We look at the key drivers of your profitability to identify new opportunities.   It is usually spread over two to four sessions, normally of half a day each, just long enough to provide the foundation for building the plan but not too long to intrude into your working week.   

Sessions are tailored to your specific requirements but cover such areas as: 
  • Customer acquisition and retention 
  • Increasing customer spend
  • Premium pricing
  • Cost and debt management
  • Production efficiency
  • And much more…
A dedicated financial modelling package enables clear reporting of the potential financial impact of implementing your plan and the potential rewards of developing the programme. 

A series of follow up sessions helps to embed the plan and ensure pre-determined timescales are being met.  In other words, you will not be left on your own to deal with implementation, you will be supported throughout the entire process, so that you can achieve the best results and deliver long-term benefit. 


The guide price for each session is £750 - £1,000, depending in the numbers involved and the amount of information and operating techniques already in place.   A bespoke quote will be provided once we have a clear understanding of your requirements and the number of sessions you are likely to need. Final costs are negotiable. 

Business Dynamics: a complete business growth programme

Profit improvement is a key component of Business Dynamics, our complete business growth programme. Through a combination of appropriate modules, we can unlock the potential within your business. 

Modules include:

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For further information, or to get a bespoke quote for your business, please contact Richard Thurlow.