Strategic planning

The route to profit and fulfilment

Do you want to improve your profitability?  Do you need to plan for possible exit or succession? Would you like a clear strategy for business development that has the buy in of all interested parties?

Our Business Dynamics strategic planning programme enables owners and managers to focus and prioritise in order to develop realistic profit improvement plans.  Through a series of facilitated workshops, we will help you identify and navigate the barriers to your success and enable you to drive your business forward.  We look at where you are now, where you want to go and how to get there.

We use a step by step approach incorporating the objectives, needs and wants of both owners and management. Initial actions and review processes are agreed as part of the overall plan, so you can begin implementation immediately. 
Introduction:  Understanding the existing strategy, whether formal or informal

Exploring the personal, business and strategic objectives of all participants
Preparing the plan: An in-depth examination of the products and services provided by your business
Sales and marketing: The importance of a marketing approach
Performance: Management structure and roles
Financial modelling: Pulling together the elements into a measurable form
Action plan: Creating a rolling five-year strategic plan

The exercise will normally be spread over two to four half-day sessions

Maintaining Momentum

We recommend a series of follow up sessions to embed the plan and to ensure timescales are being met.  Once implemented, the plan can be remodelled or expanded at any time as circumstances or the economic climate dictates.

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