Doing business abroad

Companies are often nervous about selling to other countries.  We all know about the “single market” of the European Union, but all we hear about are the differences.

It is fairly straightforward to sell to customers who find you, but how do you move to the next level? You might employ a salesperson to work in a particular country, but will then need to consider employment and payroll issues.  You might establish a branch, and that's when VAT and corporate taxes become an issue.  You might go further and establish a subsidiary company overseas. 

If you are selling into other parts of the world, you will find important cultural differences between people.  Understanding them can make the difference between the success and failure of your business venture.  The tax rules vary wherever you go, so it's essential that you have access to up to date, local information. 

If you want to buy abroad, you will also need to understand how trade is conducted and you will need to understand the rules of importing into the UK. 

How do you know what you have to do?

Moore Stephens is well placed to support anyone looking to trade internationally.  Not only do we have offices in our network all over the world but we have a number of handy guides to doing business abroad.

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