Intelligent Investing for US Citizens

Expatriate US citizens are obliged to report to the US for tax purposes and consider complex US tax legislation even when making financial decisions about their investment planning in the UK.

• US citizens resident outside of the US are still required to report to the US for tax purposes – even when paying taxes abroad.

• Careful consideration is therefore required in all aspects of financial and investment planning, as non-compliant portfolios can be punitively taxed and the tax due can often exceed any gains made.

• The time required to source the required US tax reporting information from standard UK collective investments can also be prohibitive from a cost point of view.

• To help avoid these problems, Moore Stephens can now advise and implement US tax-compliant investment portfolios, following the same low-cost, diversified and risk-rated Intelligent Investing approach we adopt for all our clients.

• Our Intelligent Investing approach is grounded in over 50 years of Nobel Prize winning studies in asset pricing and stock market behaviour, providing our clients with the best opportunity in achieving their objectives in the long-term.

We’d be happy to discuss our Intelligent Investment solution and your tax reporting requirements, so please contact us.