Investment planning

We are independent advisers and are therefore able to select from and advise you on any type of investment vehicle from the whole of the market. Our approach to investment planning is firmly grounded in academic science; the academic research that has been undertaken over the last 50 years and the only Nobel Prize winning theory on stock market behaviour (Markowitz, Miller and Sharp), has influenced the philosophy and investment strategy we favour. Watch our video for more information:

We spend a great deal of time with clients at the outset in establishing their personal circumstances, investment objectives and attitude to risk and ability to withstand investment losses. In our view, this leads to a more successful investment experience as clients are removed from the usual emotional cycle of buying high, and wanting to panic sell when the markets fall.
Costs are one of the main variables you can control with the vast majority of active funds managers incurring costs of at least 1.5% to 2% p.a. within their funds. 
Please see attached investment brochure entitled 'Re-defining Investment Advice' and our separate Q&A document which provides some further information.
Please contact Stephen Humphreys or James Springham for further information.