Snow Hill Trustees Limited

Snow Hill Trustees Limited is a registered trust company constituted under English law. It can be engaged to act as a trustee, executor, nominee or company director to administer trust funds and estates and provide other related services.

  • Acting as a trustee, either alone or with others, for UK resident trusts or charities.
  • Acting as an executor, either alone or with others.
  • Acting as an attorney under a Lasting Power of Attorney.
  • Acting as a company director.
  • Acting as a nominee on behalf of clients.
By appointing Snow Hill Trustees Limited you are gaining a professional and experienced body which provides both independence and continuity. In this way you can be assured that as experts in tax, trust and estate matters, we can provide ongoing administrative support and professional advice.

For more information on our Snow Hill Trustees Limited services, please contact your nearest Moore Stephens adviser.