Funds in the European union and across the globe face many challenges – from managing risk to maximising returns. Our team offers expert advisory, financial reporting and compliance services to a range of funds across the globe providing support, advice and peace of mind.

We can assist you with structuring new funds, ongoing risk and governance management including compliance with AIFMD, UCITs and ELTIFs regulations.

Confidentiality, professionalism and expertise are rightly demanded by our investment fund clients as they seek to achieve maximum yet secure returns. We spend time understanding individual client needs when undertaking assignments, and tailor our services meet them.

We work closely with leading financial businesses and key people within the industry. Since we advise many regulated clients, we understand that maintenance of robust systems, compliance with regulations and hitting deadlines are crucial to avoiding costly fines. This knowledge is used to ensure that our clients can spend their time building their business rather than ensuring that they comply with the numerous rules and regulations.