Innovate UK

Innovate UK is the government’s innovation agency and provides grant funding for feasibility studies and new product development projects, which can be commercialised rapidly and have a high impact on the UK ‘s economy, society and environment.

Innovate UK announced their action plan for 2016 / 2017, with a planned spending budget of £561 million over 12 months to invest in cutting edge UK firms. There will be also two broad funding competitions covering each of the following sector group per year, and two open competitions for applications from any sector or technology area:
  • Emerging and Enabling technologies: disruptive technologies and capabilities that will lead to the new products, processes and services of tomorrow
  • Health & Life sciences: technologies focusing on agriculture and food and healthcare
  • Infrastructure & systems: underpin almost every aspect of modern society, from energy and transport to health and the digital economy
  • Manufacturing & Materials: cross-cutting manufacturing and materials technologies and processes to drive productivity and growth
A breakdown of the total budget of £561million can be seen here.

A list of current funding opportunities can be found here.

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