Security can be a complex and fast moving area. Understanding the threats, how they apply to you and how to respond requires experience and expertise that is not available to many organisations. We have therefore designed our security management service help make sure you have the right person running your security programme at the right price.

Our management services rely almost exclusively on our expert security resource, and combine many of the themes in our ‘Educate’, ‘Architect’ and ‘Assure’ solutions. Examples of our security management services include:
  • CISO outsourcing: Implementing effective and proportionate security measures can require more experience and expertise than is available or affordable to many organisations. Our senior security experts are available to help you design, implement and operate your security programme at a fraction of the cost of a full time employee. We can provide oversight and advice ranging from 1-2 days per quarter through to a weekly commitment, depending on your needs. This can be an effective way of gaining access to industry leading expertise on an ongoing basis without committing to an increase in headcount.
  • SIEM / Cyber operations: Monitoring your security compliance should go beyond testing for weaknesses. Our Cyber Operations service will help review the data produced by your systems to monitor whether a breach may have actually taken place.
  • Accreditation: There are a range of standards that you could comply with to demonstrate effective information security management. These range from PCI-DSS, through the international standards (ISO 27000 series) and industry specific guidelines such as the UK Government’s ‘Cyber Security Essentials’ scheme. We can work with you to build and coordinate your compliance programme and, when you are ready, we can help you choose the right accreditation partner.
Our management services will each report through to your responsible executive under strict delivery criteria to help you benefit from an outsourced service while maintaining internal accountability for security.