Effective cyber and information security requires people to behave in the right way. From senior management, balancing risk and reward when launching a new service, to software developers deciding whether to deliver on time (without following security checks) or late (with completing full security checks), most of your employees will, at some point, have the opportunity to introduce insecurity into your organisation with a routine decision.

Educating your employees on security threats and helping them develop the right behaviours to respond to these is therefore critical to building and maintaining an effective security programme.

We have designed a suite of education, training and awareness services to help your employees and management make the right decision for your organisation:
  • Security culture: Determine whether the day-to-day decisions your employees make with respect to security align with the approach you and your senior management colleagues expect.
  • Benchmarking: Compare your security posture with similar organisations in your industry or region.  Our benchmarking blends publically available qualitative and quantitative data with bespoke research to offer a targeted action plan to bring your security posture in line with, or ahead of, your peers.
  • Board awareness: Security starts with the people running and governing your company. It can, however, be difficult to stay on top of such a rapidly evolving technical area. Our tailored board awareness sessions will brief you on the threat, on the expected countermeasures and will help coach your Board or audit committee on the questions they should be asking to determine whether the information and cyber security risk is being managed effectively.
  • Staff training: Help your staff understand and implement your security posture. We can adopt innovative learning & development approaches to help your employees understand what is expected of them and confirm to you that they understand these obligations.
  • Incident simulations: However you prepare, security incidents will likely happen. Our interactive senior management incident simulations help you assess how you would respond to the operational, regulatory and risk challenges posed by a real security incident in your organisation. 
Our information and cyber security team has extensive practical experience of helping senior management and staff understand and respond to information and cyber security threats. We would be delighted to help you assess and embed your information security programme.