Weaknesses in your security controls will appear through error, misconfiguration or through the emergence of an entirely new, previously undocumented vulnerability. We have found that these weaknesses arise however diligent you are in building and operating services. Your security programme should therefore rely heavily on a constant process of checking whether the your process and technology controls have been designed and operate effectively. This checking could be independent, as a part of internal audit or as a routine part of business and IT operations. However you choose to test, it is of critical importance that you test to identify and address weaknesses.

We have over 30 years’ experience of testing and assuring security controls. Our team comprises experts that have tested security at large and small organisations. Our services include:
  • Process: Do your operational and IT processes embed effective security measures. We combine your perspective on information security risk with international standards, industry guidance and our vast experience to assess whether you are effectively managing information security risk throughout your organisation. 
  • Project: Help your business and technology change projects properly consider security in flight, rather than post implementation. We have found that embedding controls during (rather than after) a project to be considerably more efficient and effective than reviewing and amending an existing operation or system. Our security experts can embed into your project teams and offer expertise when it is most needed.
  • Third parties: How do your major third parties and outsourcers manage your information security risk? We can risk assess or audit your major third parties and help you determine whether they manage your data as you and your senior management team expects. 
  • Vulnerability assessment: Is your technology properly designed and configured? We combine strong industry penetration testing and vulnerability assessment with experienced security managers to help you understand where your technical security vulnerabilities are and how you can address them.
We have the expertise and experience to support you, wherever you feel you need assurance.