Building effective security into a fast moving business is a significant challenge. As with any pervasive risk, the key is to understand the ‘parameters’ within which your decisions on information security should be made and to ensure that everyone understands and operates these. Our security experts can help you combine these parameters into an information security architecture that is relevant and proportionate to your operation.

Areas we can help include:
  • Policy: An effective policy will communicate the aims, objectives and scope of your security posture. It will offer the means for senior management to communicate their stance on security and will offer the framework for good security decisions throughout the organisation.  We can help you build and implement a policy framework that is appropriate to your organisation, and help define reporting to determine whether the policy is operating effectively.
  • Standards: While policies outline the aims of a security programme, standards detail how these aims should be applied throughout the organisation. Good security standards combine people, process and technology to offer specific guidance that is proportionate and relevant to an organisation.
  • Risk management: The design of both your policy and standards will reflect your perception of information security risk. Your understanding of threat, vulnerability and how this translates into business risk will therefore be critical.  Our security and risk management experts work together to both help you understand this risk and integrate it effectively into your enterprise risk management approach.
  • Technical: The design and configuration of your technical and information estate will always be critical components of your information security defences. Our experts can review your technology against industry and vendor recommendations to determine the appropriate standards for your security posture.
An effective security architecture can help promote security throughout your business operations without adopting unnecessary bureaucracy. Embedding security compliance with your organisational agility could prove the difference between success and failure.