Effective IT systems are crucial, particularly in a difficult economic climate. This makes justifying investment in IT infrastructure increasingly important, as management needs to be confident that value is derived from IT Management needs to be confident that IT systems efficiently process and produce accurate data, are well-secured and able to withstand external and internal threats. In addition, assurance is needed that the business can withstand a disaster and continue to operate effectively, especially in today’s increasingly uncertain world.

Our team of specialists can help you to:
  • assess the enterprise architecture framework to ensure that it is line with the businesses intent to deliver the required benefits;
  • undertake operating systems and database security reviews;
  • review the effectiveness and reliability of the backup and recovery process of your IT infrastructure components;
  • assess the network architecture and monitoring process to ensure availability and reliability of the IT infrastructure to support business processes;
  • evaluate the appropriateness of IT maintenance contracts to ensure they are fit for purpose;
  • review the appropriateness of the physical and environmental controls in place to protect the IT infrastructure.