Data is the lifeblood of any organisation. The data and reports from IT systems provide management with the information required to make key decisions. Therefore, management needs to be confident that data is allowing the right decisions to be made.

Management needs assurance that data complies with legislative requirements, is not disclosed to unauthorised entities, is protected against unauthorised modification and can be accessed by authorised users on a timely basis.

Our team of specialists can help you meet your data objectives by:
  • reviewing the accuracy, validity and completeness of your data and reports using our extensive IT audit experience and data analysis tools;
  • a data privacy health-check to independently review the scope of your data privacy controls;
  • providing advice and guidance on compliance with the PCI DSS standard, which is a requirement that should be met by organisations that store, process or transmit payment card details;
  • assessing the effectiveness and reliability of the data backup and recovery procedure to ensure data availability when required;
  • evaluating the appropriateness of access control to data at rest, in transit and in process.