Most IT users generally interact with computer systems through the application software of their business. Organisations may be exposed to financial and reputational loss through errors or fraud if the application software is implemented without adequate controls.

Application controls are designed to ensure the integrity of data input, processing and reporting. These controls could be manual or automated, and range from data input validation checks to exception handling and reporting. Management needs assurance that key application systems are performing as designed and have effective operational controls.

Our team of specialists can help you meet your objectives before, during or after application software implementation through:
  • comprehensive reviews to ensure your IT application software adheres to your business rules in the flow and accuracy in processing;
  • assess data validation checks and evaluate how errors and exceptions are handled;
  • evaluate the change control process, inherent design of access control features, and the nature of access granted to users;
  • perform pre and post system implementation reviews to provide assurance that the system effectively interface with other applications or systems;
  • assess the third party support arrangement to ensure that the applications are well-supported;
  • evaluate the effectiveness and reliability of the recovery arrangements to ensure systems are available within an acceptable timeframe following a disaster or disruption.