Monitoring and evaluation


Monitoring and evaluation of the efficiency of programmes within the environmental and social sector allows donors and development agencies to quantify the benefits on the ground realised by their interventions. This data is invaluable in informing decision-making processes and keeping tabs on project success.

Added value

We can help you to recognise the environmental and social benefits provided by your projects, and mitigate any negative impacts. We liaise with both international and local specialists, giving you the benefits of international expertise combined with the insight and cultural knowledge of the local area.

Our team can support you to:
  • monitor and evaluate projects in a variety of sectors, including:
    -    mining and extractives;
    -    energy and renewables;
    -    ports and marine works;
    -    natural resource management;
    -    water resource management;
    -    forestry;
    -    agriculture;
    -    biodiversity;
  • perform baseline analyses to help you understand which impacts are a direct result of your projects and programmes;
  • develop environmental and social action plans to IFC and international standards and frameworks (e.g. the Equator Principles).