Environmental permitting


Our team has valuable experience managing the environmental permitting of multi-million dollar international projects operating across various sectors. These include mining, oil and gas, energy and construction, many within challenging contexts and in locations where competitors hesitate to go. We provide essential guidance at all project phases in undertaking Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) and associated planning documentation in compliance with national environmental permitting regulations, key international standards such as the IFC Performance Standards, and international frameworks such as the Equator Principles.

Added value

Our team can support you to:
  • undertake scoping, feasibility studies and options assessments, including site and alignment selection for key infrastructure;
  • provide design and engineering inputs to mitigate key impacts;
  • develop ESIA and Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMP);
  • manage biodiversity studies and the development of offsets for impacted species, habitats and ecosystems;
  • prepare Resettlement Action Plans (RAP), as well as compensation planning and livelihood restoration frameworks;
  • undertake public consultation and community engagement.