Environmental and social due diligence


What looks like a profitable financial investment can sometimes conceal unacknowledged environmental, social or governance challenges. Resolving these issues after financial close may result in additional permitting requirements, excessive delay, increased costs or even threats to the viability of your investment.

Added value

We dig below the surface to ensure potential environmental and social issues linked to your investment are identified, providing a clear and cost-effective pathway to full compliance with international standards, national regulations and best practice.

Our team can support you to:
  • perform environmental and social due diligence on investments and divestments, specialising in emerging economies;
  • perform environmental and social due diligence on mergers and acquisitions;
  • conduct human rights due diligence;
  • monitor and evaluate projects and programmes;
  • discern appropriate levels of transparency and disclosure;
  • develop environmental and social action plans to IFC and other international standards, policies and frameworks (e.g. OPIC, EIB, the Equator Principles etc.).