Climate change and sustainable development

A vast array of issues are linked to climate change: energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions, product lifecycles, waste management, carbon offsetting and emissions trading, to name a few. Each is a specialism in itself, with interconnections and trade-offs between the various disciplines.
What ties these issues together is their indisputable impact on the climate over the long-term in the absence of appropriate management and efficiency improvements. Fortunately, the cost savings associated with improving efficiency provide a strong incentive to manage climate change impacts.
Added value
We provide the expertise to identify and navigate the risks and opportunities that climate change poses to your organisation, helping clients to identify cost-effective short, medium and long-term measures while future-proofing their activities. We can provide solutions to reduce the carbon impacts of your business activities, creating action plans to help to reduce and offset GHG emissions and helping you keep up to date with new legislation and sustainability insights.
Our team can support you to:
  • analyse current and future policy and regulatory requirements on climate change in a variety of sectors;
  • perform resource and energy efficiency audits;
  • create climate change action plans;
  • provide training and capacity building on climate change.