Auditing and assurance


Organisations are increasingly demonstrating initiative in improving the sustainability of their activities and operations. This is because consumers, employees, clients, governments and NGOs are looking beyond paying lip service to sustainability, with a trend towards greater transparency on sustainability, corporate social responsibility and environmental and social compliance.

Sustainability auditing (also known as environmental auditing or environment and social auditing) is a third-party evaluation of sustainability activities in the light of the materiality of their activities and benchmarked within a given industry or sector. Sustainability assurance provides third-party verification of the validity of sustainability targets, objectives and data produced. In some jurisdictions, sustainability auditing and assurance is a legislative requirement.

Added value

As a top 10 accounting and advisory network, we combine our auditing expertise with specialist sustainability knowledge, taking a robust and innovative approach to auditing and assurance of your organisation.  

Our team can support you to:
  • audit organisations and projects for compliance with prevailing national regulations, international standards and best practice;
  • conduct environmental and social audits of;
  • government departments, programmes and projects;
  • infrastructure investors and project owners;
  • international financial institutions and banks;
  • public sector organisations;
  • international donors;
  • provide assurance and verification to AA1000 standards.