Global guides: Doing business in...

Our clients, and many others businesses, are increasingly expanding internationally as the world becomes a smaller place. If your business and personal interests need to expand, we’ll make it happen – coordinating advice from a global network of offices in more than 100 countries.

The Moore Stephens International member firms across the globe have brought their breadth and depth of local experience to bear, to produce guides for ‘Doing business in’ their country. The guides are aimed at supporting businesses seeking to set up new entities, or establish a subsidiary of an existing foreign company, as well as individuals planning to move to that country to work and live. They set out general information, such as the country profile, business entities, staff, finance and capital markets, taxation and investment, as well as the accounting and auditing environment.

For specific advice on your circumstances, please get in touch. Our UK and international teams will provide all the support and guidance you need to deal with new risks and opportunities presented by international expansion. You’ll have access to the right people, in the right locations, ensuring decisions can be made quickly and confidently, and will be tailored to your specific expansion needs.

Some of our more popular ‘Doing business in’ guides are shown below.
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