Financial advisory

Moore Stephens’s public sector advisory team comprises experienced, outcomes orientated individuals from a range of sector and service specific disciplines.  However, one trait connects them all, and that is a desire to provide practical solutions that make a sustained difference  and which are hallmarked with efficiency and/or effectiveness gains for their clients. 

Unlike most advisory engagements we will not only tell you what to do, but go one important step further – we will advise you on how to implement actions.  This latter element is often part of our wrap-around service to clients. What this means is that clients will for example:
  • receive ongoing training and workshops after the initial engagement has been completed;
  • benefit from a complimentary impact assessment within 12 months of engagement  completion;
  • be privy to a range of solutions drawn from our library of best practice so that a fully informed choice of the right course of action to address recommendations can be taken. 
An overview of some recent high profile advisory engagements are provided below:

Contract management
The interaction between private sector service providers and the public sector has been criticised by ministers, the media and the NAO. Its recent memorandum questioned the competitiveness, transparency and management of outsourced relationships, as well as the value they provided.

The Cabinet Office's recent report on its Cross-Government Review of Major Contracts provides clear evidence that contract management within government requires improvement.

Moore Stephens was one of two advisory firms which supported the Cabinet Office in its cross government review of major contracts. Leveraging this specific experience and sector understanding, we’ve developed a range of solutions aimed specifically at public sector bodies looking to review their outsourced contracts. Moore Stephens’ Contract Management Assessment consists of three modules covering governance, financial management and return on investment.

Open book reviews
We have developed a proportionate approach to carrying out open book reviews.  This allows our clients to review their contractors’ systems and performance information in a way that avoids the need to spend tens of thousands of pounds on expensive forensic reviews which have typically been synonymous with open book auditing.  A recent open book review of a contractor’s profit share statement identified material weaknesses in the profit statement compilation procedures which in turn allowed our client to negotiate a revision to the statement as well as sharing the cost of the open book audit with its contractor – win, win.

Lean process improvement
Our lean reviews facilitate superior service delivery and add value – improving quality and optimising scarce resources, both critical to public sector organisations in the current environment. Our methodology focuses on intelligently using resources and empowering staff to strive for improved delivery in-house across functional boundaries.

Our lean specialists use a range of internationally recognised methodologies and processes which can be adapted to specifically meet your needs. By applying lean methods, our team can help you deliver service excellence more effectively, use your resources more efficiently, do your jobs better and save money.

Business transformation
The latest round of spending cuts mean that organisations need to consider alternative ways of delivering services. This will require change and transformation. Our experts can help you implement change programmes, whether they are designed to transform the way in which services are delivered or achieve performance improvement. Our experts are hands-on and work alongside client staff, providing ongoing advice and practical recommendations.

Due diligence
At a time when the public sector is considering mergers, partnerships and other restructuring measures, it’s important that there are no hidden surprises. Financial due diligence is a critical aspect of transaction planning as it can affect the decision whether to proceed; organisational due diligence looks deeper into wider governance structures, systems and management arrangements. Our reviews are tailored to your needs and are designed to give clear and concise opinions on our findings, as well as practical recommendations. We aim to provide peace of mind by identifying all the critical factors from which an informed decision can then be made.