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38% of OMBs have concerns regarding extracting profits from their business  
Having a robust plan in place for extracting profits from your business is key to ensuring that you are rewarded and benefit financially from its continued success. We support you to better understand the range of options available and provide solutions that will allow you to protect your wealth.

31% of OMBs identify the business tax environment as a risk 
OMBs face an increased burden with regards to reporting on their tax affairs, all whilst managing risks and opportunities effectively. We help you to ensure that you have made the correct disclosures, advise you on efficient structures to manage commercial and tax risks, and assist you in optimising tax reliefs.  

29% of OMBs are very likely or certain to review their succession plans 
Our team know the importance that OMBs place on protecting the future of their business, so we work with you to find the best solution that meets your unique requirements. This may include selling the business to a competitor or to your management team, winding up the business in an efficient manner or passing the business to a family member.

40% of OMBs are very likely or certain to develop new products or services 
If businesses are investing in new technologies and innovation, then they may qualify for R&D tax relief. We have extensive experience in assisting companies identify qualifying projects and have successfully helped companies claim over £200 million in R&D tax relief.

24% of OMBs identified cyber security and data privacy as a key concern in 2017
As the risk of your business suffering from a cyber-attack or data breach rises in line with advancements in technology, OMBs must take steps to ensure that your IT systems and data processes are secure, resilient and fit for purpose. As the deadline for compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) approaches in May 2018, OMBs must seek advice from specialists on how best to deal educate, architect and assure all aspects of their IT systems.

43% of OMBs view a shortage of skilled staff as a business concern
 There are a range of tax approved share schemes that will allow you to incentivise your employees, and ensure they are rewarded for contributing to the success of your business. Our team can help you decide which option is best for your business, assist in the design process and advise on all aspects of valuations, tax implications and employment and capital gains tax treatment.

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