Thought leadership reports

We produce annual thought leadership reports which look to capture the expectations, challenges and strategies of OMBs in the coming year. We conduct an in-depth survey, in addition to interviewing key business leaders to provide depth to our research.

The results from our latest report: Investing for success in 2016', finds cautious optimism amongst OMBs, based on strategic investment and tight cost control, despite uncertain economic indicators.

The start of 2016 has been a turbulent one, and with the EU referendum set for 23 June, this may not be the easiest of trading periods for the UK's OMBs. Despite this, 66% surveyed expect 2016 to be a better year than 2015, and 60% say Britain should not leave the EU. When asked what impact the Brexit would have on their business, only 5% see any potential positive impact. To read more, click here.