Food advisory group in the press 2015...

In the press in 2015...


The Telegraph, Radio 5 Live - 3 October
'Sainsbury's questioned by accounting watchdog over income disclosures'


Mail on Sunday – 10 May 2015
'Asda slashes prices as the supermarket war hots up: Survey reveals its branded goods are 5 per cent cheaper than major rivals'


Farmers Weekly – 30 April 2015
'Tesco profit overestimate raised to £326m'

Food Manufacture – 8 April 2015
'Groceries adjudicator Tacon defends her role'


Food Manufacture – 4 March 2015
'Tesco's lead on staff conduct 'should catch on'


Food Manufacture – 9 February 2015
'GCA constrained over Tesco probe'

The Register – 6 February 2015
'Big Data, empty bellies: How supermarkets tweak prices just for the sake of YOUR LOVE'


Food Manufacture – 30 January 2015
'Expert: Tacon needs more than power to fine'

Yorkshire Post – 16 January 2015
'Price war hits food and drink suppliers hardest'

Farmers Weekly – 9 January 2015
'Tesco reshape could be ‘game changer’ for suppliers'

CNBC Reuters – 8 January 2015
'Tesco banks on simpler prices to woo shoppers and suppliers'