Brexit: managing risks in uncertain times

As the market rallies and the pound plateaus, it is easy to forget the enormity of the task ahead as the UK prepares to exit the EU. However, while the dust may appear to be settling, we are in fact entering an unprecedented period of uncertainty with rapidly emerging risks. It is now that businesses must fully assess how they will be affected.

Emerging risks 
Before the June referendum, Brexit was on the leadership risk radar, although not necessarily in any great detail. Many organisations’ risk registers captured the issue with just a single Brexit entry. Firms should now ensure that all risks are not only captured but also continuously monitored, given the fast developing nature of many of the risks. Despite limited information on how Brexit will be achieved, management teams must attempt to identify each risk resulting from the Brexit vote and start to defined mitigation plans in order to remain ahead of the curve.

Use our clickable infographic checklist below for the key risks you should be reviewing:


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