R&D and grants

R&D can be costly, not only in itself but also in the fact that payback can take months if not years, but it needs financing. The UK has some of the most effective tax reliefs available for this type of expenditure in the form of R&D tax credits – under approved Government legislation.

The firm's specialist Innovation & Technology Group comprises engineers, software programmers and scientists as well as specialist finance professionals such as auditors and tax accountants all of whom are experienced in claiming R&D tax relief.

Since the scheme began in 2000 our team have successfully claimed back around £350m for our clients across all business sectors with a 100% success rate.

“After a full review of our R&D activity we were able to make a substantial claim going back two years, and further subsequent annual claims have also been successful. The support has been excellent and we’ve gone on to appoint the firm as our auditors".
Zytek Automotive