Brendan Clarkson

Head of National Creditor Services

Brendan Clarkson
Brendan has over 20 years’ experience in the debt, insolvency and the credit management sector. He holds strong relationships with solicitors, banks and large corporates in order to gain an understanding of their debt and insolvency needs.
He appreciates the range of debt recovery options available to organisations, and works hard to ensure their best interests are served. Brendan has regular contact with the credit management profession through his involvement in credit circles across the UK. He has also developed a good working relationships with government organisations.

Brendan specialises in both court and non-court insolvency work

The creditor services team at Moore Stephens offers a free service that allows the creditor to outsource to Moore Stephens, the administration of their insolvent debt via proofs and proxies. The team mainly deals with bankruptcies and compulsory liquidations, CVL's and administrations, but is experienced and able to represent creditors in other types of insolvency process.

The team are regularly asked to attend meetings of creditors on behalf of our huge client base.

Brendan was elected the Chair of the Sussex and Surrey ICM region in August 2013 having previously acted as a committee member, and served 4 years as Chair.

Brendan is also the Group Treasurer to the City branch of Barnados charity which is done on a volunteer basis.