Moore Stephens in the press 2017


The Times, Guardian - November 2017
'Interest rate rise affects home owners


 FT Adviser - August 2017
'AIM tech stocks surge post Brexit'

ITV, Independent - August 2017
'One in six care homes at risk'

CCH Daily - August 2017
'21% of small business directors over retirement age'

 The Times - July 2017
'Crackdown on debtors who splash the cash'

AccountancyAge - July 2017
'Government called upon to publish Brexit insolvency forecasts'


Mail on Sunday -June 2017
'The government clampdown on tax breaks for entrepreneurs that will rake in an extra £1.5billion'

Standard, Guardian - June 2017
'Authors accused of watering down bullying claims in British Cycling report'

CCH Daily - June 2017
'Apple CEO wants Trump's repatriation tax made mandatory'


AccountancyAge - May 2017
'Conservative and Labour tax policies likely to disappoint businesses'

This is money - May 2017
'Brexit fears & political uncertainty blamed as management buyouts plummet by 10%'

Independent - May 2017
'City of London police budget cuts allow money launderers to slip through the net'

City AM, Economia, CCH Daily - May 2017
'Number of directors handed lengthy bans hits six-year high'


The Times - April 2017
'We must keep thinking inside the box for the patent regime to thrive'

The Times, City AM, The Independent - April 2017
'HMRC hands big fines to smaller online retailers'

Corporate Financier - April 2017
'Long haul deal landed' 

CCH, Financial Times - April 2017
'HMRC issues enforcement actions against unpaid APNs'                  


Sunday Times, The Independent - March 2017
'Supermarkets using 'shocking tactics' to extract money from suppliers'

Sky Sports - March 2017
'West Ham's London Stadium transformation costs to be probed by Moore Stephens'

Accountancy Age - March 2017
'Income tax reduction top priority for businesses in Spring Budget'


City AM  - February 2017
'small businesses at sea over Brexit as the weak pound causes headaches'

The Guardian - February 2017
'War of convenience as supermarket chains take on small stores' 

The Mail on Sunday - February 2017
'Small businesses hit out at new government plans to force tax return four times a year'

CCH Daily - February 2017
'Entertainment tax break worth £565m'


Daily Mail, Independent - January 2017
'Risky mortgages on the rise'

The Times - January 2017
'Watch out here comes the taxman'

Financial TimesCity AM - January 2017
'Sterling's post-Brexit vote collapse failed to provoke a foreign takeover rush'

Independent, Accountancy AgeCity AM - January 2017
'Record number of oil and gas firms go bust as renewable energy revolution begins to bite'