The expertise and knowledge of your key staff is a critical component of the IP within any business. Like patents, trademarks, brands and other intangibles, your employees need to be managed, protected and developed. They need to be incentivized to develop your existing IP and create new ideas for the brand in the future. Also, a skilled and motivated team and succession planning enhances exit value.

We advise on tax efficient incentive schemes designed to attract and retain key staff, and keep this valuable source of IP within your business.

Innovative companies committed to building IP should consider outsourcing finance functions, freeing up money and time, so that you can focus on what you do best: innovating, creating and running your business.

As a business’ brands and products become established, opportunities to commercialise its IP may arise. Opportunities such as licensing IP to third parties, expanding its brands into new markets and launching overseas will require independent and expert advice. Our specialists can advise you on restructuring, emphasizing IP protection. Also, our tax experts can help create compliant tax efficient transfer pricing structures for international trading. We can advise on brand licensing structures and your patents portfolio as you expand overseas.