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Are you paying too much for employee benefits?

With latest official figures (for June to August 2017) showing UK unemployment at just 4.3% – its lowest level since 1975 – employers need to not only offer attractive benefits packages, but also make sure their employees appreciate the value of those benefits. This involves both reducing unnecessary costs and communicating the contents of benefits packages clearly.

Draft legislation for the 2016 Finance Bill

The Government has today published draft legislation to be included in the 2016 Finance Bill, together with explanatory notes, amounting in total to several hundred pages.

Most of the material relates to measures that were announced in principle in the July 2015 post-election Budget, or in the Autumn statement on 25 November 2015. In many cases, it reflects the results of consultation exercises.

A win-win levy opportunity with a very short term window

With the change in insolvency risk assessor from Dun and Bradstreet to Experian, together with a change in methodology, as formally confirmed by the PPF yesterday in their 2015/16 determination, there will inevitably be winners and losers, despite the reduction in overall levy. PPF has acknowledged this, with 10% of risk-based levies expected to increase by £50,000.