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The Budget 2016 – video summary

A sugar-coated Budget for the next generation

In the uncertain global economic environment, the Chancellor’s deficit-reduction goals have become more challenging. But he still managed to strike an up-beat tone when delivering “a Budget that puts the next generation first”.

CASCs: Time to set up a trading subsidiary?

As a community amateur sports club (CASC), should you now be considering setting up a trading subsidiary?

New rules coming into force from 1 April 2016 may make it harder for some CASCs to meet all the requirements necessary to continue benefiting from their current tax advantages. There is, for example, a new income limit restriction as well as new rules covering payments to players.

An Autumn Statement for “rebuilding Britain”

Five years since delivering his first spending review, George Osborne spent over an hour delivering his 2015 Autumn Statement. He repeatedly stated the Government’s intent to build public services, infrastructure, national defences and strong public finances.