Apprentice Lizzie Smith - my first week at Moore Stephens

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first walked through the door at Moore Stephens’ London office, but it may be an understatement to say that quite a lot happened in my first day. The part of the day that had the most impact on me, was the emphasis Moore Stephens places on values and ethics. As a large company you can imagine it would be easy to lose sight of such things, but the fact that we learnt this on the first day, really illustrates how important ethics are to us. The firms’ values of delivering excellence and value, working and growing together, making things happen, and most importantly to me, doing what’s right, clearly signify the essence behind Moore Stephens.

Over the next two years I am going to study the Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business and work with the Corporate Audit team in the Reading office. Admittedly, the prospect of working in the new Reading office, that opened this month, is very exciting. There seems to be such a diverse and proactive culture and atmosphere between all colleagues in the Reading office, which made me all the more excited and confident about joining. In my experience, everyone at Moore Stephens have been so easily approachable, no matter their position. This in particular, was made clear at the welcome dinner on the Thursday evening. I found my seat right next to the Managing Partner, Simon Gallagher. He clearly represents the inclusivity at Moore Stephens, as someone who is so completely down-to-earth, very easy to talk to, and an all-around nice and genuine guy. Before I joined Moore Stephens, I felt like I was going to feel inferior, because I was younger and less qualified. However, after my first week, I can see that this couldn’t have been further from the truth.

This is definitely not to say that our first week was easy. I’m sure that everyone in my intake would use the word ‘challenging’ to describe much of the work we completed. However, this meant that the first time you got all your double entries right, or managed to perfectly complete a cash book, the feeling was all the more rewarding. It might be a little optimistic to say that I absorbed everything we were told, but as with many of my fellow new starters, I feel confident that with practice and experience, all of this will become second nature. I am really looking forward to whatever comes next!

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