What’s the safest seat on a plane?

Many of us will have been on a plane with our families over the summer holiday and will be now building up frequent flyer points through travel. When picking your seats you might be focused on those that give you most leg room or enable you to get on or off quickly when boarding and landing. But do you ever think about which seats maximise your survival chances in the event of a crash?

Our team of engineers and scientists have provided an interesting outlook into this subject as despite the high volume of flights every year, flying is relatively safe.

Meeting the VAT challenge: how are businesses addressing their VAT risks?

Businesses see VAT as posing the biggest tax risk to their company over the next 12 months.
Our survey found that businesses could be doing more to protect themselves.

In our survey, 35% of respondents highlighted VAT as their riskiest tax area, although another 29% identified employment tax as highest risk. Concern about VAT may reflect the amounts of tax involved, the potential costs of getting calculations and submissions wrong and the sheer complexity of many of the VAT rules.

Reducing maritime fraud and corruption

Complexity is the friend of the fraudster.  An international trade transaction involves multiple parties that can increase complexity – buyers, sellers, ship-owners, charterers, ships’ masters or crews, insurers, bankers, brokers or agents. In addition, one also has to consider the opportunity for cargo handlers (loading and unloading), government officials, security staff, inspectors, surveyors, hold  cleaners and others to commit fraud or behave corruptly.
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