The tax treatment of website costs

HMRC’s annually published ‘Capital v Revenue Expenditure Toolkit’ and their manuals provide useful sources of information on the tax treatment of website creation costs. The tax treatment of expenditure on developing a website is dependent on the nature of the expenditure.

Tackling offshore tax evasion

In August HMRC issued two consultation documents on offshore tax evasion which proposed the strengthening of civil penalties and the introduction of a ‘strict liability’ criminal offence. Such an offence could result in convictions where taxpayers failed to disclose the full amount of their overseas income, even where this was not done deliberately.

Demonstrate excellence, gain profile

Demonstrating quality and excellence in everything they do is an increasing demand on the Chief Audit Executive.

Since the global financial crisis the world of internal audit – and the challenges internal auditors face – have changed. Internal audit teams (often smaller than they were) are under greater pressure to meet stakeholder expectation and demonstrate how they contribute to business value or value creation.
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