When does the clock start ticking? Tax issues insurers must consider for short term business visitors

As more businesses in the insurance sector become increasingly global, so more employers are moving their staff between their international offices. However, we have found that many employers often under-estimate their employment tax requirements in this regard.


Our latest blog captures the top issues you need to consider and key tax solutions for short term business visitors.

Is your VAT group still valid?

The recent Barclays Bank tax demand of £184m in backdated VAT should serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of compliance with VAT group requirements for financial services companies. The case indicates HMRC’s current interest in both VAT groups and partially-exempt entities.

Most common control deficiencies for financial services organisations

Against the backdrop of constantly evolving regulatory requirements, financial services businesses must ensure continued focus on the underlying principle of maintaining a strong control environment; including oversight, compliance and monitoring.

However, we noticed certain common themes  where internal control deficiencies often arise for our financial services clients. We highlight these in our latest blog.
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