US Election commentary – The UK is still clearly ‘open for business’

Whilst the UK public markets started off jumpy today following a Trump victory in the US, we have been considering what this means for UK OMBs, cross border transactions and trade specifically.

In specific industries:
  • UK's strong niche defence companies could look for more US contracts as the US defence budget increases;
  • UK's tech companies should continue to benefit both from investment from the US;
  • the continued growth of UK FinTech could attract some interesting talent from the US.
UK companies have a strong track record of expanding their businesses into the US, either organically or through acquisition, and the 'business side' of Trump is unlikely to stop this from being possible.

The UK is still clearly 'open for business' and still presents some great opportunities for UK OMBs and foreign investment into the UK, especially from the US.

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