Moore Stephens announce strategic partnership with Inflo

Moore Stephens has enhanced its technology offering through a newly announced collaboration with Inflo.

By integrating advanced data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence across the audit process, Inflo will allow Moore Stephens to combine the expertise of its people with cutting-edge technology to continue to provide outstanding client service.

Inflo automates hours of work accounting firms currently perform manually, freeing up time for more valuable, client-focused activities. The software was designed by reverse-engineering common accounting services such as audit or due diligence, ensuring that the software’s suite of analysis strongly aligns with established methodologies or outputs.

Geoff Woodhouse, Head of Assurance at Moore Stephens comments on the announcement: “Inflo allows our audit teams to utilise innovative technology and provide a more collaborative experience to our clients.

“We already have new clients from organisations seeking advisors using Inflo and we are excited to be able to augment the expertise in our team with data analytics, machine learning and AI capabilities”.

Mark Edmondson, Inflo President & CEO, added “Geoff and the team at Moore Stephens have focused throughout our work together on how our next-generation technology can offer an improved experience and add more value to clients”.

“We’re excited to see organisations moving to advisors who have embraced our solution. Through enhancing a range of accounting services, Moore Stephens is demonstrating the tangible benefit to clients of them investing in innovation”.

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