Tax proposals in the 2017 General Election manifestos

The manifestos issued by the three major parties as part of the General Election campaign set out various proposals for changes to the tax system. Our latest blog contains a detailed comparison of the proposals in tabular form, along with links to each of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat manifestos.

FCA raises market stability concerns over disorderly wind downs in the investment management sector

This year, for the first time, the FCA has published its Sector Views document alongside its Business Plan. The FCA’s view of the investment management sector identifies key areas of focus for the industry, including:
  • overpayment of some investment management services;
  • ability of custody banks to meet service standards;
  • products designed for ease of management rather than meeting investors’ needs;
  • disorderly failure or wind down of investment managers or their portfolios.
When winding down funds or investment managers, we have found that the first three issues listed above are often found together. Furthermore, typically, these issues are a result of an investment manager growing quickly while the back office processes fail to keep pace.

3D printing: Innovation or disruption?

3D printing has been hailed as the single most important innovation of the next global industrial revolution. The technology works by designing layers of a three-dimensional object on a computer and ‘printing’ the model with a manufacturing machine to produce a tangible object; opening endless possibilities for its use. Our team of engineers have looked into how 3D printing may innovate or create a disruption across the manufacturing sector.
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