Risk: Are you aware of the sum of the parts?

The risks organisations face have never been greater, more complex or so diverse.

As the trading landscape evolves through globalisation, digitisation and diversification, so the number and nature of risks you encounter increase. Companies are constantly pushing boundaries through the development of new products, projects and markets, or through innovation and essential change.

It only takes the crystallisation of a single risk to damage a business, as the experiences of Talk Talk, Volkswagen, BP and many others show. And unfortunately, the number and diversity of risks that organisations face today increase the likelihood of one ‘getting through’.

Decision makers in your business therefore need visibility across the full spectrum of risks they are tackling. They need real time information on how these risks are changing and the mitigating actions taken by the business. They need to see how different risks are connected in order to understand the overall threat they pose.

How can Moore Stephens help you?

It’s now accepted that risk management can make your business stronger, more resilient and more successful. But implementing effective enterprise risk management can be a big challenge.

First, you need to get to the root of the problem by understanding the risks you face. Then you need to build and maintain a practical, straightforward risk management system that works for your business.

This is where Rhiza comes in.

Rhiza is an easy-to-use, customisable and cost-effective software service built to deliver risk management in an effective, practical and sustainable way.


Rhiza can help you to unlock the benefits of risk management in your organisation. It enables you to:
  • Create a centralised, coordinated and up-to-date view of organisational risk across the business – improving decision making and strengthening corporate governance.
  • Deliver meaningful and timely management information – helping you to monitor, understand and manage your risks more intelligently.
  • Increase business resilience and survivability – reducing the likelihood and impact of unexpected negative events.
  • Save money and time – by using a highly efficient day-to-day risk management process.
  • Stay ahead of the competition – through taking better management decisions based on timely, accurate and consistent data.
  • Control costs – focusing activity and resources on mitigating the most critical business risks.
If you would like any assistance in managing your risks, please contact your usual Moore Stephens contact or David Carter at david.m.carter@moorestephens.com

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