Payroll taxes (PAYE/NI)

Compliance status

1. Have the Group companies submitted all statutory payroll and social security returns and declarations on a timely basis, including under RTI? Does each company operate their own payroll under a separate PAYE scheme? Please provide details.

2. Are all remittances of PAYE and NIC up to date?  If not, please detail any arrears.

3. Has the Group been subject to any audit of payroll tax/social security compliance by HMRC in the past 5 years?  If yes, detail the outcome, and provide copies of relevant correspondence.

4. Are there any outstanding payroll tax disputes or unresolved payroll tax issues with HMRC?  Provide copies of relevant correspondence.

5. Does the Group have a dispensation with HMRC regarding the non-reporting of any cash payments or benefits in kind made available to employees on Form P11D?  If yes, please provide details as well as a copy of any expenses policy.

6. Does the Group use PAYE Settlement Agreements to meet the tax and NIC cost on certain taxable benefits provided to staff (e.g. staff entertaining)? If yes, please provide details. If not, can you confirm the level of staff entertaining that is incurred within the Group.

Employee share ownership / incentives

7. Can you confirm that the tax approved status of all share schemes has been agreed with HMRC if implemented prior to April 2014.

8. Have all share schemes been registered with HMRC and annual returns submitted to HMRC online for the 2104/15 tax year? Please can you provide details of latest returns.

9. Can you provide copies of scheme rules and provide a current statement of all share schemes including shares held in EBT under the SIP and funds invested in any SAYE scheme.


10. Does the Group use self-employed workers or contractors providing services through personal service companies?  Has employment status been considered for these workers? For personal service companies are both the contract and invoice received from the company?

11. Have any employees been made redundant or had their employment terminated for any reason in the last 24 months?  Please explain how compensation payments are treated for payroll tax/social security deduction purposes.

12. Are any employees within the Group assigned to/from the UK? Can you confirm the tax and NIC position for these employees and the length of time spent in the assignment country.

13. Can you detail the expenses and benefits reported on Form P11D (private medical insurance, company cars, gym membership etc.) Are company credit card used for claiming of expenses and if so is there any private use.