FCA changes for year-end financial statements

New rules in force since 31 December 2014 require firms to submit their annual report and accounts to the FCA online. A new attestation to confirm compliance with the Immigration Act is also required to be addressed at the same time when submitting the financial statements.

The new filing rules, contained in SUP 16.7A.7 state that firms must files their accounts online using the appropriate systems accessible from the FCA’s website.  The financial statements can be filed in a PDF format.

The filing deadline remains as before:
  • within seven months of the accounting reference date for a non-EEA bank;
  • within six months of the accounting reference date for a society or service company; and
  • within 80 days of the accounting reference date for all other firms.
There has also been a change in respect of any firms subject to IFPRU rules. IFPRU 9.1.3 requires these firms to disclose in its annual report and accounts amount the key indicators their return on assets, calculated as their net profit dividend by their total balance sheet.

For any help with the new online filing requirements or disclosure requirements for firms subject to IFPRU, please get in touch.


Kelly Sheppard