The Chancellor’s soundbites

Read some of the key quotes from the Chancellor’s speech:

"If you are a maker, a doer or a saver, this Budget is for you."
“Make sure hardworking keep more of what they earn and more of what they save.”
“No major advanced economy is growing faster than the UK.”
“Getting Britain working.”
“A more significant pound for a more significant economy.”
“We will fix the roof when the sun is shining.”
“Back our exports so wherever you are in the world you will see “Made in Britain.”
“Getting Britain building.”
“Getting Britain investing.”
"Our country is going to out-compete, out-smart and out-do the rest of the world.”
“A Britain that makes things again.”
“Help for hardworking people.”
“Not providing quick fixes.”
“Growth up, jobs up and deficit down.”
“You have earned it, you have saved it and the government is on your side.”


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