Bloodhound and Moore Stephens: a rocket-powered relationship

Top 10 accountancy firm Moore Stephens’ sponsorship of Bloodhound SSC is much more than a financial relationship – it’s an opportunity to support cutting-edge science and engineering, inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers, share the excitement with clients and contacts, and meet new business people with the same goals.

Moore Stephens sees huge value in supporting the Bloodhound team in their goal of breaking the world land speed record of 1,000 miles per hour. The relationship began back in 2013 and has proved a rewarding one for both parties.

Miles Hewitt-Boorman, a Moore Stephens partner, sees great benefits from supporting Bloodhound SSC. “We’re not only sponsoring an exciting project that will break a world record”, he says. “By sponsoring Bloodhound we are also helping to sponsor the science, technology, engineering and maths agenda. There is a big educational programme involved to encourage students to enter science and engineering careers.”

Encouraging Innovation
Moore Stephens has hosted events across the UK where Bloodhound has provided a mock-up of the jet and rocket powered car. “We have invited schools along in the morning, and Bloodhound has laid on projects and games for them,” says Miles. “Then in the afternoon we have invited suppliers and contacts.” They have been able to hear about the car from Richard Noble, former world land speed record holder and leader of the Bloodhound project, as well as from Bloodhound engineers as well as Andy Green, current world record holder. “Our clients find it really fascinating,” Miles says. “We can also take them down to see the car being built and to talk to the people behind it. This isn’t just of interest to ‘petrol heads’ – it’s much wider than that – it’s for anyone with an interest in engineering, computing, or science in general. The Bloodhound team is really pushing the boundaries of technology.”

Meeting new clients
The Bloodhound relationship also provides a platform for meeting new contacts. “We continue to meet manufacturers and suppliers that are working with Bloodhound,” Miles says. "Bloodhound provides opportunities to network, which has been very useful." 

Some of these organisations might be able to benefit from Moore Stephens’ expertise in research and development tax relief. This has been the case with Envisage, a leading engineering and model making firm. Moore Stephens has provided a wide range of services to help the firm thrive, from R&D tax relief to becoming the firm’s auditors.

“It’s also just about getting people together in the same room who have the same objective – which is to make the car happen,” Richard says.

Encouraging a new generation of engineers
The educational focus of the Bloodhound project is particularly important, however. “Some of our staff have become Bloodhound ambassadors, whereby they learn more about the Bloodhound project and then support various educational events around the country,” Richard says. We are associated with some schools which  allows students to gain access to the Bloodhound cars and materials and understand the benefits that innovation and engineering can bring to the world.

Working together
“The Bloodhound team doesn’t focus on the material gain via  the sponsorship”, Miles says. "They also want people who can give time and support to be part of the project.”

Miles believes the relationship between Moore Stephens and Bloodhound is all the stronger for the firm’s willingness to get involved. “Like most things in life, you get out what you are prepared to put in,” Miles says. “You get a lot more back if you actively take part.”

For more information please contact Miles Hewitt-Boorman or Richard Willis.

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