Our team at the Mining INDABA

Cape Town, 9-12 February 2015.

We recognise the many challenges faced by businesses focused on the mining of coal, gold, iron ore and other natural resources.

Fluctuating commodity prices and currency values add greater complexity to the process of planning future operations. Persistently rising operating costs, not least through wage inflation in many regions, have increased pressure on margins and the need for efficiencies. Meanwhile, predicting demand has become more difficult with the slowdown in manufacturing growth in China on the one hand and continued growth of other developing nations on the other.

Additional challenges arise in relation to completing capital projects, many mining companies failing to do so on time and on budget. The risk of fraud and corruption – a particular issue in sectors such as mining where management teams are physically distant from operations – adds a further level of complexity.

Our Moore Stephens professionals offer advice and support to help you overcome these challenges and capitalise on opportunities arising from them. We can assist through business modelling, developing flexible and robust forecasts to assess a range of business scenarios based on a variety of commodity price, exchange rate, cost and demand outcomes. Drawing on our sector expertise, we can benchmark costs and identify potential operational efficiencies.

We can advise management on appropriate governance and control structures, both to optimise investment in capital projects, and to minimise risk of losses through fraud and corruption. We help clients establish a robust risk management framework, to provide management with assurance that policies, procedures and ethical standards are being applied across the business in all locations.
We offer expertise in financial accounting and reporting, audit and assurance, as well as fund raising. Moore Stephens is an accredited validator, undertaking assignments to produce EITI reports that independently verify and reconcile the tax and royalty payments disclosed by companies and by governments.

In providing our services we draw on the Moore Stephens International network of member firms, with sector and technical experts based in all key mining regions including Africa, Asia, Canada, Russia and South America.

For further information or to arrange a meeting during the conference, please get in touch:

United Kingdom – Michael Simms, Partner, michael.simms@moorestephens.com
South Africa – Oliver Barbeau, Director, oab@jhb.moorestephens.co.za
Hong Kong – Marty Lau, Partner, marty.lau@moorestephens.com
The Channel Islands – Adrian Moll, Partner, adrian.moll@moorestephens-jersey.com

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