Accounting for care & nursing homes

Are you a manager or owner of a nursing home struggling to receive reliable and timely key financial information due to a shortage of internal resources? Our experienced team can provide all the relevant financial information to keep you up-to-date with all the financial aspects of your care home.

We understand the unique challenges and diverse cultures within the care and nursing home sector and have been working with businesses operating within this sector for many years.

These challenges vary from continuing legislative changes within the sector to identifying funding opportunities to allow to you continue to develop and build your business.

Maintaining the accounts can be a challenge to manage whilst focusing on running and developing your business.

Your accounts are essential to the success of your business. We can help you with all your back office accounting and compliance requirements, leaving you free to concentrate on building the business.

We believe that the provision of timely and accurate financial information is essential and vital to enable you to make the correct decisions for the business.

Having an in depth knowledge of a whole range of accounting systems, we can make recommendations on what systems are appropriate to provide you with the financial information you require.

We have industry experience and understanding of what financial information is key to any care home and are therefore extremely well placed to assist in maximising the profitability and value of businesses in the sector.

How can we help you?
We offer a wide range of services tailored to your industry and the demands you face:
  • Preparation of regular management accounts
  • Advisory services
  • Bookkeeping
  • Forecasting
  • Audit
  • Business and Personal tax
  • Payroll
  • VAT
  • Compliance
We can provide as much or as little assistance as required.

In addition to care and nursing homes we are also able to act for retirement or residential homes, foster care homes, dual-use homes, assisted living, learning disability and specialist needs and rehabilitation homes.

Frequently asked questions
Do you find that you are asking yourself any of the below questions? We can help you find solutions to all of the below.
  •  How do our results compare to previous months and other businesses in the care industry?
  • How are we performing against budget?
  • What impact would a decline in occupancy have on the cash flow of the business?
  • Are all of our sales invoices being raised in a timely manner, and our debts being collected in accordance with our credit terms?
  • Should the business be registered for VAT, and is VAT being accounted for correctly?
  • What is the most efficient way to structure my expansion plans, considering both business and personal tax consequences?
  • Are there appropriate controls in place to ensure that the payroll is authorised, employees are being paid correctly and submissions are being made to HMRC as required?
  • What is the best way to manage the auto enrolment process and what information should we be providing to employees?
  • Do we have the most appropriate structure in place with the plans we have for the business going forward?
  • Have we maximised all tax reliefs available to the business, including capital allowances?
For further information on how we can help you and your business please contact a member of our team.