Key issues when acquiring an energy and mining company

Acquiring a business can be a complex, resource intensive and time consuming process, yet attaining the right business can generate substantial value. We have highlighted some key issues that should be taken into account when acquiring an energy and mining company. In part one of our three part series, we consider the first five:

The price

One, if not the most important factor when acquiring an energy and mining company or interest is the price you pay.  Many finance professionals will tell you “valuation is more of an art than a science”, however using bespoke valuation methodologies (discounted cash flow analysis, EV/ EBITDA historical transaction multiples and competent person valuations) will ensure a robust position when negotiating a final price.

Knowing the identity of the current owner

It may affect the acquirer's bargaining power, and hence purchase price. If buying a listed company, room for negotiation might be limited. If buying from a strategic investor who has held it, for argument sake, for a long time or from an owner in financial difficulty, then there might a wider margin for negotiation.

Funding your bid

Are you going to fund the purchase through the acquirer’s existing cash resources? Do you need external financing or debt or are you planning to raise funds through a public offering, and raise funds through a listed vehicle? Do you know how much your lender is willing to lend to fund the acquisition, and whether it will be feasible to secure funding based on future guaranteed production by way of an off take arrangement? Do you know the likely timescale and resources required to complete a public offering? These questions need to answered at an early stage of an acquisition.

Strategic acquisition

What are the reasons for acquiring? To secure source of supply – which was quite popular for Chinese state owned enterprises a couple of years ago. Recently, demand has dropped due to slower economic growth. It depends on the type of assets, together with key demand and supply drivers. However, quality gold and oil and gas assets continue to be well sought after.

Robust and reliable financial systems

Once you have acquired the target company or asset you will need accurate, timely, reliable and robust management information to place you in the optimal position to manage your acquisition successfully. This will include accurate and timely treasury, work capital and foreign exchange management.

If you feel that the issues highlighted are likely to impact your acquisition or would like any further information, please get in contact to discuss how we can help.

Look out for part two where we will be highlighting issues including local knowledge, the timing, management and key personnel, business planning and risk management systems.



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